I. Instruction

IA - Instructional Goals and Objectives

IGA - Curriculum Development and Adoption

IHA - Basic Instructional Program

IHBA - Individualized Education Programs (IEP's)

IHBAA - Referral and General Education Interventions

IHBAA-R - Referral / Pre-Referral Administrative Procedure

IHBAC - Child Find

IHBAG - Programming in the Least Restrictive Environment

IHBAI - Independent Educational Evaluations (IEPs)

IHBAJ - Special Education Student Oversight Agreement

IHBAJ-E - Progress Report Form

IHBAL - Grievance Procedure for Persons With Disabilities

IHBEA - Program for Limited English Proficient Students

IHBG - Home Instruction Program

IHBGA - Home Schooling Participation in School Programs

IHBGB - Model Supplemental Statement of Rights for Private School Students with Disabilities

IHCDA - Post-Secondary Enrollment Options

IHD - Adult / Community Education

IJJ - Instructional and Library-Media Materials Selection

IJJ-E - Citizen's Challenge of Educational Media

IJNDA - Distance Learning Program

IJNDB - Student Electronic Device & Internet Use and Internet Safety

IJNDB-E - Student Computer, Internet, Electronic Device Use Rules & Acknowledgment Form

IJNDB-R - Student Computer, Internet, Electronic Device Use Rules - 12.11.19 revision

IJNDC-A - School Department Website - 12.11.19 revision

IJNDC-F - Website Photo Release - 12.11.19 revision

IJOA - Field Trips and Other Student Travel

IK - Academic Achievement

IKAB - Report Cards / Progress Reports

IKB - Homework Policy of Schenck High School

IKE - Promotion, Retention and Acceleration of Students

IKF - Graduation Requirements

ILA - Tests / Assessments

ILD - Educational Research: Student Submission to Surveys, Analyses, or Evaluations

IMBB - Exemption From Required Instruction

IMDA - Patriotic Exercises

IMDB - Flag Displays

IMG - Service Animals in Schools