J. Students

JEA - Compulsory School Attendance

JEA-R - Student Attendance and Absence Reporting Procedure - 12.11.19 revision

JEAA - Student Attendance / Student Absences and Tardiness

JFABB - Foreign Exchange Students

JFABD - Admission of Homeless Students

JFC - Dropout Prevention

JFC-A - Academic Integrity - 01.22.20

JFH - Complaints by Students or Parents

JHB - Truancy

JHB-1 - Procedures to Address Truancy

JI - Student Rights and Responsibilities

JIC - System-Wide Code of Conduct

JICA - Physical Examinations of Students Participating in Athletics

JICA-Eb Interim Health History for Students Participating in Athletics

JICAA - Student Dress Code

JICB - Care of School Property by Students

JICC - Student Conduct on Buses

JICD - Dress Code-School - 11.19.20

JICFA - Student Hazing

JICH & JICH-R - Student Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Use

JICHA - Breathalyzer Use at School & Student Social Events

JICI - Extra-Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities Code of Conduct

JICIA - Weapons, Violence and School Safety

JICK - Bullying

JICK-E1 - Bullying Report Form

JICK-E2 - Bullying Investigation Form

JICK-E3 - Documentation of Disciplinary and Remedial Actions Taken

JICK-R - Bullying Administrative Procedure

JIH - Questioning and Searches of Students

JIH-E - Student Search Form

JIH-R - Questioning and Searches of Students Procedures

JJ - Co- and Extra-Curricular Activities

JJE - Student Fundraising Activities

JJIAA - Private School Students: Access to Public School Co-Curricular, Interscholastic & Extra-Curricular Activities

JJIF - Management of Concussions and Other Head Injuries

JJIF-E - Concussion Information Sheet

JJ-R2 - Co-Curricular Activities

JK - Student Discipline

JKAA & JKAA-R - Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion and Procedures

JKB - Detention of Students

JKD - Suspension of Students

JKE - Expulsion of Students

JL - Student Wellness

JLCB - Immunization of Students

JLCC - Communicable / Infectious Diseases

JLCCA - Students with HIV / AIDS

JLCD - Administration of Medication to Students

JLCD-E - Medication Administration on School Field Trips

JLCD-E - Authorization for Medications to Be Taken During School Hours

JLCDA - Medical Marijuana in Schools

JLCDA-F - Parent / Medical Provider Request to Administer Medical Marijuana at School

JLCE - First Aid and Emergency Medical Care

JLCE-R - First Aid Administrative Procedure

JLCF - Emergency Administration of Naloxone for Opioid Overdose - 01.22.20

JCLF-R - Procedures for Emergency Administration of Naloxone for Opioid Overdose - 01.22.20

JLDBG - Reintegration of Students from Juvenile Correctional Facilities

JLF - Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

JLFA - Child Sexual Abuse Prevension and Response

JLF-E - Suspected Child Abuse / Neglect Report Form

JLF-R - Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect Administrative Procedure

JLIB - Student Dismissal Precautions

JLIF - Skateboard Use

JN - Student Fees, Fines and Charges

JRA - Student Education Records and Information

JRA-R - Student Education Records and Information Administrative Procedure

JRA-E - Annual Notice of Student Education Records and Information Rights

JRA-E2 - Authorization to Release Confidential Information